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Property Condition Assessments - ASTM E2018

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA), otherwise known as a Due Diligence Inspection or commercial building inspection, is a physical evaluation of an existing building's systems, components and site improvements. A Property Condition Assessment typically includes items such as site characteristics, structure, roof, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire/life safety, and access and egress. Most commonly, a Property Condition Assessment is performed prior to a real estate transaction for commercial property.


We utilize the ASTM Standard E2018 as a guideline for conducting Property Condition Assessments.The ASTM E2018 standard provides guidelines for performing baseline commercial property condition assessments and completing a property condition report (PCR). This inspection is based on interviews with management and local agencies, a review of available documents, and an examination of the building and site. The inspection also includes a general codes compliance evaluation, repair and maintenance issues, capital expenditures, and opinions of probable costs of corrective action. Our report provides a worksheet with estimates of probable costs for repair/replacement that require immediate, short term, near term and long term attention. This repair/replacement reserves worksheet provides the probable costs for the next ten years.


Our clients benefit from our reports by limiting the potential for financial loss when investing in a commercial property. A Property Condition Assessment provides our clients with the ability to make an educated decision with regards to their investment. We can also expand your inspection and report to include any detail required.


Due to the complexity and/or age of some properties, a more comprehensive assessment of some or all building systems may be in order.


We can discuss your project to determine what depth of assessment that you will require. We can help you to devise an assessment that can best meet your needs and protect your interests.

Property Condition Assessment ASTM E2018


Aside from the standards being followed, the most important aspect to any real estate inspection is who you hire to do the looking. Odin Engineering has been conducting commercial building inspections since 1985 and all inspections are performed by Registered Professional Engineers and/or ICC Certified Commercial Building Inspectors. We have the experience needed to know and report on what is important