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civil/structural/forensic engineering, code consulting, building inspections

Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering is defined as “the application of the art and science of engineering in matters which are in, or may possibly relate to, the jurisprudence system, inclusive of alternative dispute resolution.“


Our engineering group specializes in furnishing comprehensive forensic civil engineering and structural engineering services to determine the cause(s) of building or system failures and to determine how best to remedy the problem.


Our staff/consultants of registered professional engineers, certified building officials/inspectors and licensed construction professionals are uniquely qualified to analyze and comment on building failures. We use this extensive base of experience and knowledge to defend or present a claim to achieve a negotiated settlement.  We utilize codes, industry standards and accepted technological methods in our investigations, to provide our clients with an independent, unbiased opinion on the cause of a failure.


We have successfully presented technical and cost evaluations to courts and arbitration panels and have been retained by project owners, government and municipal agencies, construction firms, architectural/engineering design firms, insurance agencies and leading construction law firms to organize and prepare construction disputes for presentation.


cost-effective resource geared to explaining, identifying, and designing corrective measures.

including site investigation, testing, technical research, and analysis of the information


Our expertise allows us to identify the root cause of the defect, accurately quantify damages related to the defects, and provide effective testimony regarding our expert opinions in litigation and arbitration.


The Engineering Group at BHA is eminently qualified to analyze design and construction defect allegations. We have provided civil and structural engineering consultation to all types of clients, including insurers, private adjusters, attorneys, owners, private firms, HOAs, and public agencies.


Our engineering group provides: site investigation, documentation and quantification of site conditions, presentation and refutation of technical evidence on a wide array of residential, commercial, and public projects. Our credentialed experts can develop and critique structural and civil repair specifications, and have given testimony in a number of construction defect trials.


Odin Engineering is engaged in a multitude of civil engineering related litigations comprising evaluation of regulatory requirements, surveys, licensing, training, building code violations, standard of care issues, defective specifications, and is a recognized presence in the construction claims community