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Building Code Consulting

Odin Engineering's engineers and building inspectors are International Code Council (ICC) certified building code officials (BCO) and plan reviewers. We have assisted architects on hundreds of projects in wading through the myriad of building codes and regulations, to be certain that their plans comply with the latest codes.


Our inspectors and plan reviewers have been "on the other side of the counter", staffing municipal inspection departments and serving as municipal building code isnpectors and plan reviewers. We know not only what the codes require but what the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) is looking for on your drawings, thus ensuring that your plan review will proceed more smoothly


Despite the trend towards a uniform national building code, nearly every jurisdiction has local amendments and/or local zoning that makes their codes, regulaions, bylaws and ordinances unique. Various urisdictions use different editions of the ICC codes, and some have their own unique codes. We have a complete library of all ICC codes, as well as older BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI and Uniform codes available in our reference library.





For repairs or alterations to existing buildings, the International Existing Building Code (IEBC) is the governing code in many jurisdictons. We have saved architects, building owners and insurers hundreds of thousands of dollars that might have otherwise been spent in upgrades to meet the code for new construction, when the IEBC could have been used to "grandfather" existing systems.