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ADA Compliance 


The ADA requires that architectural barriers be removed when the removal is readily achievable and technically feasible. Readily achievable barrier removal is that which can be done without great cost or difficulty. However the cost and difficulty is relative to the size and the overall assets of the person or company that owns and/or leases the facility.        


The U.S. Department of Justice has been given the responsibility of enforcing the ADA. However the staff of the Public Access Section is small and only a limited amount of enforcement is possible by the D.O.J. The ADA contains a citizen's enforcement provision that allows any individual with a disability to enforce the ADA through civil litigation. A person with a disability may file a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief in the United States District Court. The ADA provides for the payment of plaintiff legal fees and costs by the defendant so that individuals with disabilities do not have to be able to afford legal fees in order to enforce this law. Most of the enforcement of the ADA, especially Title III, has been through plaintiff litigation by individuals with disabilities.



Our goal is to help your businesses provide equal access to all. We help businesses by:


• Inspecting your building for ADA violations


• Recommending the changes that need to be made and how to make them


• Helping you get the changes made and make sure they are done correctly


• Limiting your liability to an ADA lawsuit


Inspectors assigned to your project are all International Code Council (ICC) Certified Building Code Officials, with experience working for government agencies in interpreting and enforcing accessibility regulations. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to inspect your facility and to provide a thorough accessibility review.